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who we are

KZ1 is a company for those of us who dare to challenge ourselves and the status quo.  We own up to our mistakes.  We take charge of our health.  We are committed to self-improvement.  We choose to go out and help others each and every day.  Our dreams are infinite.

When we were children most of us had infinite dreams.  We either wanted to become a princess, astronaut, doctor, President, Superman, singer, model, professional athlete, etc., etc.  But as we grew older, our parents, our peers, our community told us to "get realistic"--"do your homework, go get a job".  Most of us were beat down and led to believe that we are indeed small.  We learn to live comfortably in a tiny shell and life gives us exactly what we hope for.

KZ1 distributors are mainly comprised of spirited people who (1) have made the bold decision to try to break out of that shell or, (2) have already broken the shell and have made it their passion to help others do the same.  Their community calls them "crazy".  Steve Jobs articulated this well in Apple's 1997 television commercial "Crazy Ones"--possibly the most electrifying commercial ever made.

KZ1 serves customers who learn about our products via a highly motivated multi-level network of distributors. 

Our distributors have three characteristics:  (1) they love our products, (2) they are eager to spread the word, and (3) they want to earn money in-so-doing.  They are committed to helping others and achieving success.

Truly successful business persons have a few things in common. They can repeat their success at different times, under different circumstances.  They do not chase money.  They focus on improving their skills and adding value to society at large.  Money is one of the many by-products of their momentous endeavors.  

Conversely, less successful persons have a tendency to be focused on themselves, their plight, and money.  They rarely aspire to add value to society.  They think small.


KZ1 has a diverse group of experienced thought leaders spanning 'The Greatest Generation', the 'Baby Boomers', 'Generation X' and the 'Millennial Generation'.

The KZ1 Management Team is committed to changing lives, one person at a time, as they inspire people to begin their journey toward optimal health and financial security. All this through a solid, product based, home based business opportunity.

executive leadership

robert kelley

Chief Executive Officer

Robert has been with KZ1 for seven years leading our largest market in Japan. He is an entrepreneur who has proven himself resourceful, smart and loyal. He is a former COO of Apple Japan (a $2 Billion-dollar business) as well as the CEO of two other companies. He has spent a good portion of his life in Japan as well as Silicon Valley. Robert is an executor with a proven track record.

michael seymour

President & CFO

Michael was an early stage Investor in KZ1. His belief in the global vision, mission, people, and life changing products of KZ1 has resulted in him taking an active role with the company. He brings 38 years of hands on business management acumen to the Executive Team as well as having spent the past 24 years in the financial industry; this includes over a decade as a Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley.

nic engstrom

Vice President of
Global Marketing

Nic Engstrom has worked with some of the top CEO's, celebrities, billionaires and business owners around the world. His call to leadership in Network Marketing came more than 20 years ago and Nic has since then worked in various capacities, such as: distributor, corporate, consultant and executive trainer for both start-ups and billion dollar companies. He has spoken and trained all around the world, and in 6 languages.

general managers

kimie kelley

General Manager of

Kimie has been a vital part of our Japan market from day one. Her ability to lead from the field quickly promoted her to COO of KZ1 Japan. Kimie is often viewed as the “Mother of KZ1”, due to the fact that she is beloved and very much respected by the Distributors in every country. Her dedication and focus has helped drive and grow Japan to a multi-million dollar a month market. Kimie is a graduate of Sophia University. Prior to joining KZ1, Kimie was recognized as Dell Japan’s number 1 sales rep of the year, leading a team of over 60 people. Kimie is also a certified Junior Architect. But above all, she is a loving mother of 3 successful entrepreneurs.

Nabihan Nazeri

General Manager of
Malaysia & Singapore

Nabihan has been with KZ1 for 10 years since 2011. March 2021 onwards, she is appointed to take care of the Malaysia and Singapore market as General Manager. She is loyal and faithful with KZ1. She is passionate and loves to help others to achieve their life goals with KZ1.

judy wong

General Manager of
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau & China (Greater China Region)

Judy has served our Company faithfully with honor, integrity and passion for the past eight and one half years. She works extremely hard and has a great heart and commitment to our Members and the vision of KZ1 to make our world better by accomplishing great things now and in the future.


The Science Team behind KZ1, NutraSage LLC, has over 50 years’ combined experience in nutritional supplement research, design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment, and has generated billions of dollars in sustaining commercialized sales. NutraSage excels in developing products that combine the best of Eastern and Western wisdom and science, to bring the world a new order of quality, affordable, and drug-free health solutions.

david warren

A Harvard MBA with over 30 years’ experience leading and advising concerns ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises (including a $500 MM nutritional supplement company), in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, David’s expertise in strategy, innovation, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship are put to good use in leading NutraSage to provide business, marketing, and strategy support.

dr. bill hennen

With a Ph.D. in Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry, post-doctoral specializations in enzymatic and hormonal processes, nearly four decades’ experience in natural drug and nutritional supplement design, over 40 substantial publications, and a reputation for “next gen” products that address issues at their root, Dr. Hennen is widely known as a leading supplement scientist. He has also led the development of transfer factor products since the 1990s, with estimated sales exceeding $3 billion.

scott eliason

Scott brings a broad range of experience extending from small high tech companies to Fortune 100 corporations. He has an extensive background in the health and wellness arena having spent half of his career directing the accounting operations for a large global nutraceutical company doing business in over 70 countries. He is a licensed CPA, CGMA and holds both an Accounting and MBA degree from the University of Utah.

ben pollock

An attorney with a Juris Doctor Degree from Penn State, Ben Pollock is also a skilled and successful online entrepreneur. Drawing on proven expertise in the unique combination of jurisprudence, high-tech commerce, and supply-chain management, Ben keeps NutraSage on track, legally and operationally in fulfilling its promises. His passion for innovative product solutions that achieve the highest standards of performance and compliance make Ben an invaluable member of the team!


jim biehl

Our Counsel

Jim Biehl assists clients with structuring, negotiating and managing sophisticated securities and corporate transactional matters for both public and private companies. He has represented emerging growth companies in start-up, early stage and other venture capital financings, private placements and bridge financings, mergers and acquisitions, exchange offers, redemptions and strategic alliances. Jim’s background also includes confidentiality and noncompetition agreements as well as corporate governance matters.

Emord & associates

Our Counsel

Emord & Associates is an “AV” rated law firm (highest in legal ability and ethics as rated by the Martindale-Hubbell organization). The firm represents over 450 dietary supplement, food, OTC drug, and medical device makers; scientists; physicians; nutritionists; and corporations in complex state and federal regulatory matters. The firm’s attorneys represent clients before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other similar agencies.





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